Sunday, November 2, 2014

Orrrr-ange Errr-thing

I felt so happy when I was driving to work today because I felt so grateful that I live in a place that doesn't have a lot of traffic unless there's an accident or a giant truck blocking the way. I used to live in the urban city where traffic is unquestionable because there's ALWAYS a traffic. And I'm not exaggerating it. So my moral of the day is don't take things for granted while they still last because even little things always matter. :)
P.S: I don't take wifi connection in here for granted also because you don't know how super duper slow the wifi connection (or internet connection in general) is in where I used to live. :p
Btw I was in the mood for orange todayyy so it was about time for me to put my orange jeans on, yeayyy! :)

One of the beautiful views that I can't take it for granted:
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Random thoughts:
Btw I just had a thought that I tend to keep things to myself for a reason. Especially when the thoughts were about my goals or my dream. The reason why was because my plan sounded more make sense when I kept it to myself because I'm a goal oriented person and a dreamer. But when it came to share it to the closest people or the loved made me nervous. Because their responses mattered and if they were not as excited as I was, it would kind of shut me down. Or when they said something like "that looks hard" then my plan would sound impossible to me. And yaddi yaddi yadda.
If I failed, I would be fine if I was the only one who knew. If I succeeded, I would be fine also that I was the only one who knew. I am competitive when it comes to myself, but not with other people. Isn't it weird?
Right now, my eyes set on some goals that I am really excited to do it. Whether I succeed or not, just wish me luck... :)


Diva Zhu said...

I'm also a goal oriented person! Hahaha
Love your pants!

Mary Andrikus said...

Hehehehhe thank you! :)

♥ uchul curly ♥ said...

I like your posting.. let me introduce my self.. my name is eka.. im from indonesia
Nice to read your blog.