Friday, November 21, 2014


I just need to say that I am eternally grateful of every thing :)

I just had a Thanksgiving Progressive Dinner with APO and Hannah told each of us to go around and say what are we grateful of. I only said one thing that I am grateful of at the time, but here are more things that I am grateful of in no particular order:
  • God, obviously. Because without Him, I will not be able to feel grateful of all of these things.. :)
  • My mom and Dan's mom. They inspired me on how to be a strong woman even though in a hard situation. My mom worked two jobs from early morning to late night but I never heard her complaining. While Dan's mom inspired me to always think positive of life and people even though things often don't go well and when the loved ones treated her wrong. Being a woman and a mother are never easy, you know..
  • NKU! I love being NKU student and as a sign of my love, I just took a nap in campus — like, literally slept on a couch with my phone next to my head as my alarm. It was my first time I sleep in campus, heheh.. :D
  • Alpha Phi Omega! APO people are so welcoming and I really feel accepted by them.
  • My boyfriend! I am so happy that we are still together even though I have been put a lot of pressure on him :( I just wish I'm not too late to show him that I'm sorry for everything that he did to get through with me and how grateful I am that he's still trying to work on our relationship. 
  • My counselor, Diana. I never feel judged at all by her and she made me feel okay to feel or think this way. She had definitely helped me to change my mind set about some stuff.
  • My dreams. I really want to share my dreams with someone but I think every one is busy with his/her life, which is fine. Because maybe my dreams are meant to be buried hahahah.. But it always feel good to have dreams because it means I live for something. I just hope that I can set my dreams into my goals but I always think I'm not good enough for that hahahah..
  • Greda and Nadya. It's been awhile that I never been there for them and I'm sorry... :'( And props to Gre because she managed to listen to my problems even though she had better stuff to worry about besides me.
  • The 35X tank bus. Because without it, I would spend a lot of money just for gas.
  • My laptop. Because without it, it would be harder for me to get stuff done.
  • My cat, Hana. Because she's super adorable. Bless her for always being cute.
  • Myself. It is good to be grateful of your own self, you know heheheh.. I am grateful because I have the will to change myself to be better. Right now, I am trying to always to take care and to love myself. It is a slow progress but it is a steady one. :)
I'm so sleepy by listing all of these because it's already 11 PM and I have to take a shower and get ready to bed and work tomorrow. I have more things that I am thankful for but at least I will stop for right now. :D

Oooh, one more thing. I am thankful for this media of blogging. I often feel lonely and want to share something to someone but because the situation doesn't allow me to do it at the mement, I choose to write and pour my feelings and thoughts in here. Blogging has definitely helped me to get through my bad days.

And how about you? What are you thankful of? :)

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