Thursday, November 13, 2014

Eight Slash Thirteen

As I read few of my facebook chat messages, there was this one chat message that just hit me. I chatted with my previous teacher in Indonesia and our conversation made me realize, where the heck "that" Mary goes? My teacher used to talk to me and give advices about love life. He told me that my personality was that I hate being trapped in a commitment because I like to be free. But he told me to be careful, to not give a lot of hopes to boys, and be careful to not fall in love with the wrong guy. The two messages from him that I liked to post in here are:
"Boys these days don't have a will but [they want to] have what's instant, so they look for practical [things], simple [things], and [something that they do] not to need to work hard [to earn]. This is why at the end they crashed"
"You have to be firm and be cautious. Everything will be beautiful at the [right] time."
To be honest, I have a hard time translating it from Indonesian to English because I need to write the proper diction. It's not proper yet, but you get the idea, right? :D

Note here that the context above was about love life. I think his first statement is very true that some of the boys these days just want instant relationship(s). The ones that are easy, not a lot of problems, instant. I think that's a very wrong idea to have because relationship is a full time job. It's the same thing with your career or academic goals. Relationship is a full time job that you have to work on to make it better and better day by day. There will be a lot of compromises, understanding, forgiveness, and act of love to make it work. It's a hard thing to commit but it's very worth it at the end. It's the same thing that happened with your career & academic goals that even though they are hard to achieve, they always worth it at the end of the journey. I mean, you don't easily give up on your dreams right?* Why not do the the same thing with love and relationship? :)

*If you do give up on your dreams easily, just ignore the whole post because it's not worth of your time. :))

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Diva Zhu said...

I love this post. I swear.
I agree with you and also your teacher. Love takes time! :)
And yup translating bahasa to english is such pain in the ass hahahaha jk :D