Thursday, December 18, 2014


These were the things that I had done last night:
1. This quote from Mark Twain. I swear I would never done this anymore because it was sooo time consuming... Next time, it would be a better idea if I buy the letters from a craft store instead of cutting one by one and painting the letters and all that such. I know, what was I thinking? But planning ahead is never my best ability so at least I learn something. ;p

2. I just feel like printing out photos and decorating it so this happened.. I love it so much, it looked like a whole family in the garden hahahah.. I am such a kindergarten kid. :p

3. I love this frame also after I decorated it! For this one, the theme was probably more to hippie since it was all nature-y and there was a peace sign. And to be honest, I didn't even plan to put a theme for each frame, I just put bunch of stickers as many as I want heheheh :))

While I like to think that I was being productive last night, this is what I wore the whole day:
My conversation with Dan went like this:
Dan: (after knowing that I wear skirt & tights) did you just go out today?
Me: just to supermarket.
Dan: what did you do in there?
Me: to buy a cat litter that turned out they ran out of stock. I dress up like this because I was mad that I had to wear my work outfits almost everyday. So I decided to just wear my skirt and tights.
Dan: Oh, poor Hana... 
(Do you know that Dan loves my cat, Hana, more than me?? ) :)))

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