Friday, December 19, 2014

Bow Wow Wow

My favorite questions from Dan are:
"How was your day?"
"How was work today? Anything annoying happened? :p "
"How was your sleep?"
"What's your plan for tomorrow?"
"How was [insert the name of the activity that I told him I would do it]?
"You sound sad...what's wrong?"
"Can I call you now/tonight/[insert the day & time] ?"
"Do you want me accompany you until you fall asleep? But you have to sleep now." (Best question ever)
"What book have you read lately?" "What is it about?"
(After telling my opinion toward something) "And why do you think that?"
"Can you help me?" (Sometimes he asked me this, but not often, and I always love it when he did because it felt like he trusted me a lot to help him)

And many many moreee that I can't remember now. I always love it when he showed me that he cares about me through those question even if he doesn't realize that. These little things matter to me, you know... :)


Btw I did these last night before I went to sleep:
I bought 40 bows because they are inexpensive and they are colorful so I know I have to use them for something.. ;p


I watched The Parent Trap (1998) with Shayla tonight and the movie was sooo good! LiLo was such a great actress back then, it's a shame of how she turned out to be now...she's so different. :(

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