Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chill Saturday

Despite my habit of complaining (sometimes), I am the kind of person who tries to enjoy things that I don't usually enjoy. Because life is too short if I get bitter on small little things so might as well enjoy it while I can. Like for example, I hate red lights when I'm driving but now I feel okay with red lights because....I always sing She & Him songs of Volume 3 album all the time!!! :D And it feels like old times, when you sing in the car with a lyric CD pamphlet *yay for the 90s kid*.

Btw, I went to Boone County Pet Shelter today to sign up to be one of the volunteers there and after that I went to the cats and puppies room and I couldn't stand their adorableness! When I have a house, I might get another cat (but then, my Hana-banana will be mad at me) or a dog. I even have names for them already...just how I already have a name for my future bug car.

Dec 13, 2014 | I want a puppy! by maryandrikus on

P.S: I named my ukulele and the name is, Portia. ;p

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ovi siregar said...

I also have an ukulele, but I haven't named it, hehe..