Thursday, December 11, 2014

First Semester Done!!

I can't believe my first semester is over already!! Wohoooo... :) It had been a long time I hadn't studied like how I did for my finals so I for sure need to study seriously next time. I did my best. So I hope I get the grades that I want! :D

My first semester flies so fast but it felt slow when it was at the moment. It's weird. I think this will happen in my college years. It feels forever but then it will feel just bam! It's over. So I want to make sure I live my college years to the fullest!

These past 5 months have been like a roller coaster to me. I have a lot, like really a lot of emotional breakdown and crying. But I also feel more mature and more independent. I find the worst thing happened in my good days. I also find the best moment in my worst days. It's weird. Definitely a roller coaster because of too much ups and downs. My hope for next semester is, what happened in the past won't happen again in the future. Especially if the things are really avoidable. :)

Now my winter break is going to be playing ukulele, reading, watching movies, blogging, and working all day long yayyy! :)

(And maybe in between, I will have a social life somewhere hahahah..)

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