Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy 19th Birthday, Dandindun!

Happy birthday to Daniel, my one and only ayanq in the world (I mean who else would call me "ayanq" anyway? Ahahahaha)!! :) he was so grumpy-ish when I called him by 12 AM because he fell asleep and he just woke up. I'm so bad at birthday wishes, like I feel I'm the worst at birthday wishes...besides I always wish him the same thing over and over again, and I always tell him almost everyday when I can so it doesn't matter that much. Right, Dan? ;p (booo what an excuse M, hahah)

And Dan, I'm so happy that you loved my surprise gift. I know for sure that those seven people are better at birthday wishes so let's just say that all of us always wish the best things for you even though we said them in different ways. :)

Your friends and my friends are so weird, you know? Maybe this is why we're together. Because we're weird. And they're weird. And our weirdness combined perfectly-weirdly together.

I hope we can celebrate your and/or my birthday together one day. But until then, I wish you will enjoy your birthday! You should take an advantage of our time differences, you know, since you practically can have 2 birthdays because we have 12 hours differences heheh. ;p Once again happy birthday to my best friend and my (occasionally)* better half! :)
*you're occasionally my better half because you are still the real pain in the a$$ most of the time hahah. Now I'm late for work. Bye, weeeek!


ovi siregar said...

Happy bday to your ayanq! :)

Mary Andrikus said...

Ovi Siregar: Hahahah "ayanq" still sounds so funny to me, thank you btw! :)