Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm Not a Kiddo, You Guize

A good friend of mine, Dennis, kept telling me that I look alike a little girl named Scarlett Olivia King. And this was the first video that Dens pointed at me. He told me that Scarlett and I have a similar way to speak and act and we're look alike: we repeated a same sentence over and over again, we expressed our feelings by saying "I'm happy" "I'm sad" etc, we looked alike when we were spaced out, etc. I'm like no, don't compare me to a three-year old girl... :))

A video posted by Stacy King (@sucremusic) on

But Scarlett is a cutiepie though, so I'm just going to take it as a compliment that maybe what Dennis is trying to say, I'm such a cutiepie. HEHEHEHE.

P.S: Dennis actually told me that Scarlett is super cute while I, at the other hand, is "average" cute (in Indonesian, he said I was "mayan" as in "lumayan") hahahah okay whatever he said. :))

P.P.S: One time, Dan told me that I'm the same person as this girl in this video ( click HERE ). When I was in Indonesia, we tried to sing the same song as the one in the video and it turned out we did it worse than them because I couldn't stop laughing the whole time and I always forgot the lyrics hahahah..

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