Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Love is on the Phone

Dan and I had a "movie date" again last night, yeayyyy! We watched Grown Ups and it was hilarious. Fun fact, we watched Adam Sandler's movies twice already (Grown Ups and Click) and there was another movie (50 First Dates) that he was recommended to me therefore Adam Sandler's movies always reminded me of him.. :)

I was so happy because we finally got a chance to spend time together since we didn't get to do that for quite a long time, heheh.. And weirdly, last night, I still felt the butterflies-inside-of-my-tummy feeling again and the feeling was still the same like last year. I just miss him so much and all I want to do just to spend more time with him... :')

Btw I went to the bank today and here was our conversations:
Me: Can I separate my mom and my account? Since I'm already 18. (Minors are required to be in the same account with the parent if they want to open a debit card)
The guy: Sure, I just need your mom to be with you so she can sign some stuff and then we can upgrade your card.
Me: Oh okay, I'll come back later.
The guy: Do you have anymore questions?
Me: Can I get a Disney debit card, please? :D
The guy: Hahahah, yes you can when you upgrade your card.

OMG just look at these designs, I can't wait to have a Disney card!!! :D
(I'm either go with the Mickey & Crew or the 101 Dalmatians)

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