Saturday, December 13, 2014


Yesterday (Friday) morning, I just went to my high school and talked to two of my favorite teachers. It was nice to talk to them. They also looked excited to see me which made me more happy! Then I hung out with Shayla at evening and talked to her even more. It felt great to meet people that I don't get to see as much anymore like I used to. Because then, there will be more catching up to do and more topics to talk about. :D

I just thought about how I am grateful to have great English teachers throughout the years. I feel like making a list of my teachers, so here we go... :
  • ILP (International Language Program) that I took in my first to second grade that made me understand the basic of English language and introduced it at early age (children have a tendency to grasp foreign languages better than adults).
  • EF (English First) program that I took in seventh grade (if I'm not wrong) that made me practice my speaking skill.
  • Mrs. Yolla, my English teacher in middle school, that taught me to pay attentions at grammars and helped me to practice my speaking skill again.
  • Mr. Campbell, my ELL teacher, who helped me in my first year of high school when I first moved here and got me comfortable in speaking English.
  • Mr. Melching, my English teacher in 10th grade, who is the reason why I like reading. When I was young, I never really read a book unless it was assigned by a class. But I have changed and grow my love on reading when I had his class and read Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and I turned out loving the book. :D 
  • Mrs. Shearer, my English teacher in 11th grade, who is the reason why I like to read classics. Thanks to her and Great Gatsby, basically heheh..
  • Mrs. Gels, my English teacher in 12th grade, who made me so much better at writing. She taught me to write better—just straight to the point. I love her class so much because I picked up some skills from that class (even though I didn't pass the AP exam). :p
  • Lastly, my NKU adjunct professor, Faith, who made me confident in writing for more than two pages hahah.. I used to hate writing as you can see. Not because I "hate" hate it, but because I just didn't feel confident in writing and also didn't know how to write properly.
Learning English as my second language has helped me so much in life. I can learn things quickly like a sponge and understand things better. It has changed my life so much, not just academically but also personally because I can express my feelings & thoughts better. But I couldn't feel comfortable reading, writing, and speaking English without all the people above and my surroundings. The good thing about learning is, it doesn't have a (particular) limit. Until now, I still have so much to learn and areas that I need to improve on. :)

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