Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Jazz Version of She and Him

I just went to a coffee and wine bar because there was a jazz performance in there and I had to watch it for my grade in Appreciation Jazz class (I know, I'm so lucky because I get to choose a fun class, right? Heheheheh). Dan told me, "that is not fair, it's like you get paid to do something that is enjoyable" ;D Dan loved jazz so much (he actually played the bass) so I got the chance to rub on his face that I have a jazz class hahah.. Anyway, it was a really relaxing night and I enjoyed the music and the place as well!
^^ I got to talk to them and they were super friendly! Benjamin was really good playing his guitar and Emily has a really good voice! ^^
^ First time trying the Crème brûlée ^

I wish I am 21 years old so I can drink the wine heheheh ;p
^ mi madre! :) ^

Btw, I had a serious talk with my mom and it got me thinking.. Now I really have a mixed up feelings toward something and it's just confusing. Why life is such a mystery? Sigh. My mom told me that only time can tell for sure. But patience is not really my strength and I want to know right now!! Oh well.. Whatever happened, I just need to be ready and trust God that He will show me the best way. It just, this thing scared me and there is nothing I can do except relying on Him... 

Anyway, I have to study for my finals tomorrow because I haven't studied at all for my Spanish finals. Wish me luck!! ;D

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