Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What Happened Today at Work:

1. Customers were so friendly on New Year's Eve compared to customers on Christmas Eve.
I had the worst Christmas Eve this year because of the stress my workplace caused. I felt that this society is just too messed up to associate Christmas with gifts to everyone in the whole wide world. Really though, Christmas is supposed to be about spreading the joy and the happiness and to feel peace within inside. Giving gifts are just one of the way to show the loved ones that you love them, not something that make you stressful.

2. There was a little (around) 4-year old girl who told her mama that I'm cute. :))
The story was, I was trying to help her mom while I had to put the wallets out at the same time. The kid was trying to help me by asking "Can I help? I can help you" and saying "But my mom won't allow me" multiple times. By the time she asked again, I told her "Do you want to help me?", she told her mom "Mom, can I help her?! She told me to help her!" and I was like "I didn't tell you help me" (kids are sneaky as you can see) then she told her mom that "she's so cute" :))

3. Today's work just felt easy somehow.

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