Thursday, December 25, 2014

Xmas Smax

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and happy holiday to everyone! I hope everyone feels peace and happiness within inside.

Dan video-called me after I-don't-know-how-many-months we haven't video-called each other and it just made my night. Seeing him just made me want to see and meet him even more. I just can't wait for the year when I can celebrate Christmas and his birthday altogether with him by my side (or me by his side, whichever works)..

Anyway, to those of you who can celebrate this Christmas/holiday with the loved ones (it can be family, friends, significant other, etc) and do not need to worry about work the next day just enjoy it and be grateful. Because it can always change from one year to another year. Especially about the work thing.. ;p

I worked this Christmas Eve and it just made me unhappy how people can sometimes be rude on a day like Christmas Eve (or any other days, really). Working at retail for more than 2 years gave me a new perspective. Like, I always found it disrespectful every time I shopped with my friend and if she put stuff away where it's not supposed to be there when she could just put the stuff in the right place because, really, it was only two steps away. It's that easy.. Or talking on the phone while you're checking out of the store. Or not saying "thank you." Or not educating your little kids to not trash the store. And many many more.

So the moral of the story above is, don't shop with me because I usually judge you of how you shop and treat the people who work there.. ;p in all seriousness, just be respectful to each other including to the people who (directly/indirectly) work for you.

Merry Christmas and happy holiday! :)

P.S: Happy birthday to mi madre! :D

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