Wednesday, January 14, 2015

12 Goals in a Year

I'm actually feel so scared and anxious and nervous about a lot of things. I'm not in my nervous breakdown, it's just I feel scared of never getting better, failures, and if things will go wrong in the future. I just need to feel motivated and I have to take control of my own mind.

Btw while I was working at the other day, I have 12 things to do that I wish will be accomplished in this year (because screw you, New Year's resolutions):
1. Let go of things that don't make me happy anymore.
2. Let go of things that make me happy but not beneficial/healthy/good for me.
3. Do a 5K run (it can be a color run, color fun fest 5K, anything).
4. Create more crafty stuff that I've been wanting to create.
5. Read at least 12 books in this year (because I've failed to read 24 books last year, so I just lower my goal hehehehe).
6. Get back to my old hobby which is taking pictures. I used to take a picture in a manual mode and then I just get lazy and take the easy way (which is, in a landscape mode hahahah).
7. Travel to somewhere, it can be inside or outside the country, whichever works.
8. At least send 10 postcards for my Postcrossing account.
9. Get my polaroid camera in use.
10. Clean and decorate my room for God's sake, M, don't be lazy.. 
11. Perform in any kind of way.
12. Budget my money every month.
— — — 

Btw, I just thought of this. A lot of people asked me "what's your major?" and/or "what do you want to do in the future?" and those two questions used to bother me a lot because I was so confused. But now, those two questions don't bother me a lot. I'm still confused though (but it got less each day by day), I still don't know what I want to be. But I feel okay because I realized that a career is not determined just by your bachelor's degree. But just get the degree anyway, because it will be useful someday even though I'm still not quite sure about things (but who feel sure, anyway?). I mean, a lot of people have a job that has a completely different direction from their degrees. And don't forget there are those people who still be successful—successful in their own definition—without going to college or completing the degree. Life works in its weird way and somehow everything will work out, right? I just have to work hard to accomplish my goals and follow my passion. And I need a luck too because I want to be lucky and hardworking at the same time.. ;p

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Holly said...

Great goals for the new year! Best of luck with accomplishing them all.