Saturday, January 10, 2015

Byebye, Amazon!

So today is my last day at my second job. Working at the warehouse is definitely something. It's an "easy" job (because I only do the same thing over and over again) but it's a very tiring job. If I work the full shift, every time I got home, my face turned red and I got so sleepy because I was that tired. Maybe it's because it's a long shift from 1 PM to 11:30 PM. Anyway, I met a lot of good people that I enjoyed talking to. But also there were couple of guys who gave me a "weird" look and I just hated it... ;p I don't know what I feel about quitting the job since I never done that before, but it felt okay since I feel indifferent about the job anyway. At least I had the experience working at the warehouse so that's that! :)

My friend in there, who is an adult man and always gave me candies, told me this advice that I still remember:
"If you have haters because they hate you for what you do or even with no reason, you need to ignore them and keep what you're doing. Don't ever, ever, let anyone get into your head. Stay focus."
"In life, you have to at least create something. Anything. Because once you create it, you own it and you can control it however you want."
And I actually hang out with adult people (the youngest one is 23 or 24 years old, I think) and I feel fine with it. Plus, they all are nice and the guy who said the quotes above is very funny and he always gave me candies (bless his heart). :D 

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