Friday, January 16, 2015

Copy, Sir!

I'm actually very tired today because I've stayed in NKU for more than 12 hours, so I'm just going to head out to sleep in 15 minutes. And guess what, tomorrow (well, technically today) is Friday and I have nothing on schedule except lunch with Karen after my classes! Yay yay yay! :)

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Btw I'm in the mood of taking selfies because I used my friend's phone who has a better quality than my phone's camera sooo yeah, that happened. ;p
^ This is my "I'm judging you" face"
^ This is my "I'm looking and creeping at you" face ^

Anyway, I basically copied Dan's style because he loves to wear flannel shirts so I bought this flannel that was intentionally for him. But I just gave him another flannel, because the one I gave him is cooler than this. I was going to return this flannel, but it turned out I like the color so I just keep it.. ;p Dan told me that he liked my outfit so much and I looked cool (first time he said that to me) :D
^ Sometimes I just feel awkward when someone takes a picture of me and I just did this kind of pose, you know... ^

Btw I have a new friend, named Toon and from Thailand (which is super cool), and she's super nice to me because she shared her sushi (and other food) to me. ;p I mean, sushi is everything. Sushi is like Chipotle, Subway, pizza, pasta, ice cream, any Indonesian foods (that I love) to me. I just can't say no because it's too good to pass on.

My international politic class' professor is super intimidating (in a good way) because she's super smart and open-minded. I don't know how many places she had traveled because it seemed like she'd been to a lot of countries. She told the class, 
"Go do it (travel) while you're young! Because when you're young, you're up to anything. You can even sleep on the couch so you don't need to worry about the hotel price. But when you're old like me, you can't do that stuff anymore because, like me, I have to get a nice hotel and I have to travel 2 days ahead if there's a huge time differences. So, do it now, there is no better time than now."
Anyway, I'm so excited to be in her class! :)

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