Monday, January 5, 2015

K & M Time

So I went out with Karen today after months not seeing her. It's a good thing I could catch up with her because sooo many things happened in our lives and (sadly) we are in the same position where we are not in our luck when it comes to our love lives. ;p But really though, even though after months not seeing her, I feel we just picked up things where we left off with no problems. We decided to hang out at Newport on the Levee and we chatted a lot of things throughout the day. I'm so happy because I miss talking to her so much... :)
^ Btw we met a guy at Irish's Pub when we were waiting for Karen's to-go-food order (might as well say "we met a cool guy at the bar" to make it sound that we're cool hahah) and he jumped in to our conversation when we talked about Paris. It turned out that he'd been to Paris for four times so he gave us advices if we really want to go there. The cool strangers you met at odd places, huh? :) ^
^ that is mac and cheese grilled cheese, is that a perfection or what? ^

At the end of the night, we were trying to figure out how we were going to get a ride back because we missed the bus (except the last bus by around 8 PM but we figured that out after we finally got someone to give us a ride lol). Karen called her mentor, John, to ask him if he could help us out giving us a ride back to NKU. But it turned out that he was with his friends and then they came to ask us if we didn't mind to just hang around for awhile. Then, they decided to play the pool and we just went along with it. This is actually the second time in this year that I hang out with strangers so yay Mary for being social instead of working errrday allday.
I never play the pool before so I kind of sucked at it hahahah.. it was all about angles though and I think the pool is very interesting to play. :) The good thing is these three guys were cool so they patiently taught me and Karen how to play even though I sucked at it pretty bad.. ;p

Btw I bought this head-wrap twist that was really cheap and cute so I couldn't just pass it on. :D

My quoteable convo with Karen today is:
"Okay, I get it that men are from Venus and women are from Mars, but both of them live in Earth. I don't care where they're from, at least just try to bond together so everything will make sense and get easier, you know?"


Iena Absharina said...

catch up with friend is always good, i like your quote anyway! :)

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Adinda S. said...

Nice! xx


Holly said...

Sounds like a fun night! Pool is so tricky, I've played a few times but haven't gotten the hang of it just yet.