Friday, January 30, 2015

OMG. January is Almost Over Already?

What happened today:
  1. the weather was nice in the morning, it was 4 degrees of Celsius (39 F) and I could wear my flannel shirt + legging. yayy!
  2. today's International Politic class was sooo interesting. The thing that I love being in a diverse class is to hear different opinions. Like today, we talked about the Kashmir issues and there was an Indian guy who shared his view towards it since he was more familiar than any other students. I think it's cool.
  3. I bought myself a pizza (finally!!!) because I didn't pack for lunch. I'm basically a cheap person so I hate buying lunch at the campus. The only reason why I bought a lunch today because I had to stay late at the campus so I need all the energy.. ;p
  4. I felt soo productive! :D
  5. Do you know that Thursday is my busiest day?
  6. I had 3 meetings + 2 events for today. Yayyy!
  7. Ate pizza again for dinner with the Empire.
  8. Had a 3-hour phone call with Dan when I got home.
Now it's time for me to go to sleep.. :)

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