Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Second First Day

My first day of second semester was a hectic for me. Because first, I didn't realize that I needed to buy books for my 4 out of 5 classes. And college books are expensive, you know? But I spend $228.31 out of $783.05, so at least I spend 30% out of the original price. It could've been better but the two books were unavoidable to buy the used ones... :') Anyway, I had Astronomy class and I fell asleep...twice, in class and in the lab! Hahah, it was hard to fight the urge to sleep because the class is in the planetarium (isn't it cool?!?!?!) so the seat was reclined and it was dark.

Oh and I never think I will find anyone that I know in my classes but it turned out I know someone and/or I already made a friend in all my classes. It's surprising because...I didn't expect to have friends that fast :p I hope my second semester will be better than the last semester.

Oooh, and because I just love listing down, here are the things that I'd learned last semester from my classes:
1. Business 101: I'd learned more information about the business majors and also how to write an interoffice memo.
2. Spanish 101: I'd learned introduction of Spanish and found out that I actually love learning the language so much. This is how I declared it as one of my majors actually, heheh..
3. English 101: I'd learned how to write better and felt more confident in my writing.
4. Appreciation Jazz: I'd learned jazz history and grown some love on jazz music.. ;p
5. Elementary Programming: I'd learned how to just stick through something that I disliked and how to be patient because really...I hate the class so much hahahah so glad it's over! ;p

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