Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thoughts of Being in a Relationship

Tonight at work, my coordinator/manager bought us pizza and I was excited about that because that never happened before on weekdays night. So, it was really nice of her to do that.. :)

Anyway, I was thinking about what is an ideal relationship with the significant other for me. Personally, I think an ideal relationship is not supposed to be too dependent on each other. Like how sometimes you can see a couple always be together in everywhere and every time or when you can feel it that love takes over that person's life, I don't think it's supposed to be like that. I think what an ideal relationship for me is when I can feel secured, safe, and being supported, and also to be myself and still do my own thing. I want to be in a healthy relationship that makes each person grows as a better person. Relationship is like a career that you have to work on it every single day in order to reach the big goal(s). :D

So, maybe this is why long distance relationship works out well for me. Because I can still be myself and be independent while still having my partner to be with me (from afar). Even though I don't mind being in relationship in a close distance though, I mean, it would be really nice to have someone around physically too. Whichever works. :)

But surprisingly I realize this from myself that I am realistic but hopeless-romantic. I mean, I love reading personal/love blogs like this one or this one because I'm just hopeless-romantic like that heheh. But for me, it's just every romantic gestures has to come purely from the heart...not for the sake of picture and the amount of likes on Instagram or so the people will see you as romantic. I can feel it when the gestures come from the heart or if they're just purely bullsh*t. ;p I just have a really weird taste on a lot of things, including love and relationship, because I'm weird like that heheheh..
Btw I used to not take selfies a lot until Dan came in my life and always asked my selfies.. ;p then I got used to it overtime to take selfies. Oh and btw, I feel Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl) and Derek and Meredith (Grey's Anatomy) represent Dan and I a lot in someway, hehehe..

P.S: shout out to Karen who let me use her Netflix account! You're the best!