Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two Friday Birthdays

(Technically, I'm typing this on Saturday early morning so I'm going to write it as in it happened yesterday ;p)
OMG, there are a lot of exciting things happened on Friday! And I feel like listing them down again so here we go:
  • my package for Dan had arrived yet and he was ├╝ber happy so I am super glad that he loved the gift... :')
  • It was Karen's birthday! Chatted with her then planned to do something to celebrate it after I work (which is today).
  • chatted with my big!!! :) She gave me an early Valentine's gift and she is the first person who gave me a Valentine's gift (besides chocolate)... :')
    (I will open it later though)
  • met couple of APO people again.
  • celebrated my coworker's birthday by having a surprise birthday dinner with my coworkers (and their boyfriends) (except mine, of course) (because mine is thousand miles away) (but I still can have a blast because MerDan is an independent couple. Yiha!
  • helped Dan with his assignment and I loved it when he asked me for help because we are a team. :)

here is a group picture from last night.. :)

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