Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015!!!

On New Year's Eve, I was really going to just stay at my room and played my Ukulele of this song called, "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve" (because I'm boring like that) but Morgan kept calling and texting me to come with her to NYE's party at Turfway with her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend. So I decided just might as well go since I never been to one. :D
I had fun last night but it wasn't really my cup of tea because the music was country songs (I'm more into upbeat pop/jazz/hiphop/RnB/any "fun" music when it comes to "dancing") plus the guy (the one behind me) was flirting on me so bad but it was so funny because he was sooo drunk and I kept failing his efforts multiple times hahahah.. ;p anyway, I'm the youngest one out of four and the most sober one also. But really though, I don't think you need to get really drunk to have a good time heheh..

My resolutions for this year are pretty simple, which are:
1. do something new once in a while (like how I went to NYE party with people whom I don't know except one person which is Morgan) and also try to do my bucketlist. :D
2. be better in each aspects of life.
3. help others as many as I can.
4. be more mature. :)
5. not be afraid of things that I want to do.
6. maintain a good relationship with my family, best friends, and my new and old friends.
7. get my Sophomore year paid 100% by scholarships.

I just hope everything will be better than before. Here's to 2015, Happy New Year!!! :)

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Tasya Bintang Anggitta said...

You look cute in that dress mer! btw setuju ga mesti drunk buat have fun! :3