Friday, January 2, 2015

Yippieee! Gimme Back My Power!

I'm so happy today that I'm surrounded by great people in here and in Indonesia. I have such great friends around me that I'm willing to do anything to make them happy in return.. I'm so grateful and I hope I can always be a great friend to them, especially when they need my support. :)

Btw here are the pictures that I had from October 2014. I have so many great things happened in 2014 but I haven't even told the stories in here, maybe sometime this week I will try to do that. Anyway, this was the day when I went out with my mom just because we wanted to buy frozen yogurt at the new place, near NKU, with a promo of "$2 all you can 'eat' " so there is no way I would pass that promo heheh..

A photo posted by Mary Andrikus (@maryandrikus) on
A photo posted by Mary Andrikus (@maryandrikus) on

And then, we went to NKU just to take a short walk...

^ mi madre! ^

I'm so silly and weird and there are actually more silly pictures of me heheh.. ;p
^^^ I love being part of Norse sooo much!! I'm really just happy to have a chance to be in there :) ^^
^^^ one of the reasons why I love being in Kentucky! ^^^

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