Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I have a whole day off (no work on Saturday? that barely happens!) and I spent my day just by doing a Grey's Anatomy marathon, trying to play ukulele again, watching Youtube clips, and just scrolling my Facebook timeline. The weather's outside is pretty bad too because of snow shower and the wind that won't stop all day long! So, staying in my room it is hehehe.. Btw do people still celebrate Valentine? I never celebrate Valentine before and I'm kind of hoping to celebrate one just for fun maybe someday in the future. 
Plus, check out this Buzzfeed article about Marshall and Lily just because they're a cute couple.

Btw, I sang a song just for funnnn*. It's been a while I haven't played my ukulele and my cat (Hana) kept bothering me a lot with the sound of her bell.. :))

And this is my early Valentine's gift from my big, Megan! Ain't she sweet? :) Anyway it's 7PM and I think I should eat something for my "lunch" by now. Happy Valentine's day to those who celebrate it! :)

*well, the song is intended for you, Dan.. I've been listening to our old voice notes and I just need to sing this song because it reminds me of you, heheh..

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ovi siregar said...

Happy Valentines day!! :)