Monday, February 2, 2015

Sunshine and Snow Collide

Gosh, it's February already! :D Time flies when you have fun! Anywayyyyy I feel so grateful of today because:
  • I walked home and it started to flurry but it was oddly beautiful even though it was dark.
  • I felt productive because I got done my two assignments.. I could've done better but everything is a progress :)
  • My relationships with Dan, my best friends, my friends, and family are great. Ah it's just I've been so happy these days, maybe because I feel calm and supported? :D
  • I got to eat cheese cake at midnight (I know, it's bad), brownies, cupcake, and chocolate covered pretzel.
  • I understood and enjoyed the lab class today.
  • chatted with my Spanish professor last semester.
  • and many more things...
I need to work on my sleep schedule because I kept falling asleep in almost all of my classes. So, I'm excited that I get to sleep before 11 PM! Yay yay yay, I will get 8 hours of sleep! :')

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