Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dresses, Here I Come!

Hi hi! Oh my, today feels so calm and fresh and new and it's been a long time I don't feel like this anymore that it feels weird....but in a good way. :)
I've been through something rough around 3 weeks ago but it's a good thing that I have such a great supporting system. My best friends and friends have been helping me a lot to go through that rough patch and also listening to all of my ramblings. So thank you, guys.. :')

Anyway, my mom has been rearranging my room and I love it a lot because it looks that my tiny room has more space now! I should start decorating it sometime. Plus, next week is my spring break! Finally I can sleep in for the rest of the week...except Tuesday though, because I have to be at NKU to volunteer for FBLA conference heheheh.

Tonight, I'd just watched a rom-com movie called, What If, and I loved this kind of movie! If anyone ever wondered what kind of romantic-comedy type that I like, it would be something like (500) Days of Summer, Ruby Sparks, What If, Silver Linings Playbook, Admission (just cuz there's Tina Fey), and every Adam Sandler's movies heheh. And btw, Zoe Kazan is sooo adorable. And I want to have her haircut..

Speaking of spring break, I'm so excited that soon enough, I can wear dresses and also to be warm. Lately, I've been obsessed with dresses that every time I see a cute dress, I want to buy one. So I just try to find pictures of me wearing dresses and I found these pictures from April 2014 with my two good friends. I miss them so much, we used to copy Mean Girls by wearing pink on Wednesday and also we always ate lunch together. So here are the few pictures from last yearrr!

^ MerBeth rulez ^
And I seriously don't get why my face looked like these two pictures under.. :))

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