Friday, March 27, 2015

Meet Panda

OMG...I'm so, so, so tired. Went out the whole day again today, from 9 AM till 12:30 AM. :') It was so tiring today but I'm sooo glad that I've finished 3 things today because it's getting hard these days to get things done. I'm working on something right now so please wish me luck so I can get it!

Anyway, I'm too tired right now so I guess I'm going to get change and study for my test tomorrow. And btw, I love being in NKU so much. Like, seriously. One of the best decisions I've ever made to be going to NKU.
I had to go to APO inter-chapter event tonight. The event was to go to UDF and eat ice cream with other brothers from another chapter, and three major things happened tonight:
  1. I got a sugar high because of the ice cream and someone told me I look drunk. :))
  2. I met my great-grand Big.
  3. My APO brother, Billy, brought his dog to the meeting and to UDF tonight! This dog has the cutest smile and I'm already in love with her...

Btw, Christine just send me this photo!

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