Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Off

Apparently 2 days ago (March 20th) is the official of the first day of yay finally!! :)
This afternoon, I just came home from a conference and then I went to eat 3-way chili at Skyline Chili with my mom. Chili was soooo good.
Then, I bought 5 lotions and 2 hand lotions from Bath & Body Works heheheh.. :p I am so compulsive, I know, but they have a promo "Buy Three & Get Two free" for lotions and "Buy Three for $12" for the hand lotions so I can't hold myself to pass on that promo. I love their lotions so much and it's so hard to decide which one to get every time I walk in to the store. B&B Works knows how to do marketing well, I swear.. :'))

Anyway, here is typical Mary pose because Mary can never stay still and/or pose like regular people..
P.S: I was actually dancing to the song of Crazy in Love (by Beyonce & Jay-Z) on these photos, even though there was no music playing at the time because my mom used my phone to take the pictures. :p

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