Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When Tuesday Feels Like Thursday

I was out the whole day and now I am too tired to even change my clothes to pajamas. Today was pretty busy because I'd been out for more than 12 hours. And here is my schedule for today: went to class, volunteered at the ticket booth, did my resume, got someone to review my resume, went to coffee hour event and talked to new people, (impromptu) decoration meeting, fellowship meeting, volunteered for Take-It-or-Leave-It (my fraternity service project), went to fellowship event, got home and did my astronomy homework, and finally just lay on my bed. The good thing is for tomorrow, I will be leaving from campus at 4 PM so I can relax and also finish all my assignments and to-do list.

I get easily tired this semester, I don't even know why. I'm not really the kind of person who can sleep easily at anywhere including class, but lately I almost always fall asleep in my 9 AM class. And what I mean by fall asleep, it means I really sleep in class...and also for most of the time, I fall asleep at the even in the afternoon time. 

Oh a little bit story for today, in order to attract people to buy the ticket for the upcoming event International Dinner & Talent Show in NKU, my friend wrote people's name in Arabic while trying to inform and get people to buy the ticket. He was like Picasso or something because everyone was awed by him.. :))) and here is my name in Arabic! I took the picture on my laptop and that explains it why it's reversed.

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