Saturday, April 11, 2015

ISU Talent Show & Dinner

I had a blast tonight from the International Talent Show & Dinner event at my campus and partly the reason why was because I went up on stage with everybody and danced it all out hahah.. :) 

Here's a picture of my henna!

My friend played this instrument called Erhu (Chinese Violin) and it sounded really cool. The awesome part is, the violin only has 2 strings and she played it really well.

I'm too tired to type right now but here's a picture of how Mary represents classy, right? ;)

A photo posted by Mary Andrikus (@maryandrikus) on

More pictures to come once my friend, Steven, upload them all! :)


Oh, I also went to APO initiation today! Because normal pose is so basic, I'm just going to post the silly pose version in here. Aren't we cool enough? 

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