Sunday, April 26, 2015

One Month to Go!

Why April flies so fast, I don't even understand... :') 2 weeks again I will be officially done with my freshmen year, so wish me luck on my finals heheh. Then, exactly one month again will be my....19th birthday!!! Yayyy! I want to do something fun but I'm still not sure what to do. And this year, I decide to not cut my hair. I love having a short hair, I really do. But I remember that the reason why I cut my hair in the first place is because so I can donate my hair to locks of love. But since my hair is not long enough to donate, I decide to wait till next year.

For my birthday, I want these shoes from IWearUp please! :D They're soooo cute!!! I regret it that I didn't buy any UP shoes when I went to Indonesia. 
But for real though, all I want for my birthday is to always be happy. And I hope I can make many people happy on my birthday month/week. This is why I've been thinking of some kind of project that I can do to give back. I really hope everything will work out. (but if you're wondering, my shoes size is 8.5 hahahah)

Oh btw, I'm planning to have a trip to go somewhere within the country on July. I really want to travel by myself but it depends on the situation later heheh. I've been so inspired by my friend, who is an international student, because she loves to travel alone and she doesn't mind to do so. I read a lot of articles/blogs about women who travel alone but I never actually meet and talk to one. And that's where I get the guts to do this and really want to give it a shot like what she does. So, any ideas where should I go in east coast? :D

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