Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Take a Walk by Passion Pit

Last Saturday, I went to this Venezuelan restaurant in order to fulfill my class' extra credit activity. I was driving alone while listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 album like an independent woman ;p 
When I was on my way there, I got so frustrated on the road because I got lost for about 30 minutes because of my car's GPS was acting up, but the good thing was, I got there safely but fashionably late hehehehe.. After I went to Venezuelan restaurant, I decided to drive back to Cincinnati, did my awesome parallel parking, paid $2 for the parking meters, and just walked around the city. I'm random like that hehehe.. 

I enjoy my own impromptu trip so much that I'm thinking I will walk around Cincinnati again next month whenever I'm not working. Cincinnati has sooo many things to offer and I can't take it for granted while I still live 15 minutes highway-distance away. Who knew that I actually enjoy walking alone? :)

I just made a vsco account so if you want to see more Cincinnati photos that I took, they can be found HERE! :)

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