Monday, May 11, 2015

About Majors

When I'm bored, I like to go through each courses of different majors on NKU website. As I go through, I always wonder, how come someone can pick one major and stick with it from the beginning until he/she graduates? And how come someone remains undeclared for so long?

The reason why I wonder is because there are so many optionsssss! I've changed my major four times already this year and I'm thinking to have a double minor or a minor + area of concentrations/focus. The opportunities are just too many and I'm so eager to learn everything I want. Is that what college for though? To learn?

I know a lot of people go to college in order to get a degree so they can get a good job. I do too in some way. But my mindset of college right now is, I go to college to learn whatever I want. I already took some required classes in order to get my general educations done (in the U.S college system, we have to take general education classes no matter what majors are we in) and it's so painful to be in a class that I'm not or no longer interested in. 

For right now, I am very interested to learn any classes in business area (economic and international business specifically), international politics, world language/foreign language, and english. I am very lucky that I'm in a college system that "allows" me to change my majors and also to decide what classes I want to take, with knowing what possible consequence(s) I may have later. So let's see how well I can manage to take classes that I want but still graduate on time hehehe.

(If I can take a summer class, I would. But classes are so expensive, it's not even worth it..)

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