Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chaka Chaka Bars

I don't know why but I always get stressed out when it comes to money I get really tense. My bro just told me that the internet bill will go up by next month, then I got so upset. I know that everything will work out just fine, but it's just I have the need to be financially secured and that's why I get so serious when it comes to manage my money heheh.. ;p

Anyway, I read this caption (on the photo) at the right time. I love following @chakabars so much. The reason I know this account because I saw Jason Mraz liked one of their pictures that just hit me in a good way.
Amazing words by @nataliasegura :) #inspiration Don't be a damsel in distress. YOU will be your own savior. It is in your choices and attitude that will move you to the places you long to be. That goes internally and externally. Finding your own inner peace in whatever you choose to believe in is crucial for your life to be of service to others. And being your own "prince in shining armor" is the best way to find your strength as a woman and Queen. Don't wait for a partner that will elevate you. That goes for men too. Be someone that elevates themselves. Being this way will have the perfect person gravitate towards you. And you will BOTH elevate each other and inspire each other and build an empire together. Don't be lazy and wait for someone else to have the hard work and empire ready for you. Be someone that people are inspired by. Inspiration in humans has always stemmed from their strength and will to keep going in whatever it is they stand for. What do you stand for? We've been conditioned since kids to have someone tell us what to do, so we know what's right and wrong. From our parents to our teachers to our managers and bosses. Very few have taught us to think for ourselves, very few have said "you are capable and strong enough to figure it out on your own". And since we don't hear these words, we don't believe them to be true. We become so dependent on someone else telling us what to do. Telling us what's right and wrong. Use common sense, use reason. WORK HARD!! Go out there and live, go grind, get exhausted, push yourself, find your limitations then push through them, ask for help, read, slap yourself in the face and GO GET WHAT YOU WANT!!!!! @dilute_the_power #chakabars
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