Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Farewell Party

I went to this farewell party on April 25 but I was too tired to even write a post about it. So, here I am now writing the post so I can procrastinate on my paper. My friend, Erik, decided to host a farewell party at his house because most of the international students, who are our friends, are leaving. The downside being friends with an exchange student is when they leave you to go back to their country and you will miss them. But the good side being friends with an exchange student is you can have a lot of connections around the world. Because how else would you pay for your accommodations if you travel outside your country? You don't pay because you can just stay at your friend's place for free! :)) *JK *but for real though
^ The middle guy is one of my buddies that is super hilarious and it surprised me when he told me that he knows few basic Indonesian words such as counting from 1 till 10, "how are you?", and such. ^
^ The middle guy who looks like ladies' man in this picture (pfft), learned South East Asia's history, for his class, including Indonesia's history. It surprised me how he knew stuff about Suharto and Jokowi. He asked me stuff about Indonesia and we had a long conversation about it. ^
^ We literally bonded over solo-traveling and cats. Our first meeting, at Starbucks, we become friends because I'm so amazed by her traveling experience and both of us love cats. I'm so easy to become your friends you guize. Anyway, she travelled around Europe and few states in the U.S by herself just because "yeah, I just want do it and besides it's more fun if you travel by yourself." To all independent women out there, I will be more likely to like you so let's be friends. ^
^ I don't like you, Christine. JK, I like you. Sometimes. JK again. Or not. ^ 
^ in these three pictures above, I think I'm the youngest one and the most sober one and the most adorable one as well hehehehe :)) ^

I love these people and it's been great to get to know some of them! :)

...and to all my international friends or friends who live abroad, please always keep in touch so I can stay over at your place when I visit your countries. :)) #MyLifeIsBeautiful

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