Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fear of Fears

Michelle Poler, a Venezuelan, moved to New York to start her Master's Degree at the School of Visual Arts. Afraid that she might not enjoy New York and her life to the fullest, she is doing this project to do one thing that scares her everyday for 100 days. Check her website HERE to find out how she managed her fears each day by day. It's very inspiring that I want to do the project for myself, heheh!

Fun fact, when I was little, I used to hate trying new things. There are couple of things that I said I dislike and scared of even though I never done them before. But now, it turns out I'm enjoying to do things that I'm scared of. 

For example, I have a fear of heights. This explains why I felt so uncomfortable when I rode one of the King's Island rides, the windseeker. But if you know me personally, I pretty much an adrenaline-junkie who loves to ride a ride that involves heights and fast-paced! Slow-paced is not my forte though.

I have a fear of scary movies. I used to watch them with my friends even though I was scared. But then, I watched this one movie that I forget the name of the title and I got so traumatized heheh. 

I found out that I have a fear of dark. Sometimes, I walk alone in the dark because I have to. Even though I (probably) look calm outside, I always do stuff that I have to do in the dark (such as walking, getting a water after midnight, etc) in rush because I'm scared if someone will kidnap me (outdoor) or if there's a ghost watching me behind (indoor).

The point is, I have a lot of fears and I really hate being scared of something or to do something. This is why I always end up doing those things anyway because my hatred and guts toward my fears are usually bigger than the fears themselves.. ;p

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