Sunday, May 3, 2015

Happy Birthday, Toon!

My Thai friend, Toon, is having her birthday today but my friends and I gave her a surprise lunch yesterday. She's my number one go-to-friend that I always talk to her about my love life problems huahahaha.. and she always listen and (most of the time) give good advices! :) so here are some pictures from yesterdayyyy!
^ most of the girls are Korean and I swear they're so fashionable, it's like they just came out from fashion magazines or something.. ^
^ I look so tired in here.. this is what happen when you sleep around 5 hours on everyday. Maybe I should learn how to use make up later heheh :)) ^ 

At evening, I went to the ISU Dinner that was hosted by Saudi Arabians and I was so happy because I ate until I was full and also because the foods were free. Foods always taste so much better when they're free, right? Plus, I got elected as social media chair for ISU (International Student Union) so yayyy another e-board position!

I will be sad when most of my international friends will be gone next semester because they're exchange students, but at the same time I'm glad I get to know them. Toon is leaving to Ohio also to finish her undergraduate degree there and I will miss her a lot.. :(  

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