Friday, May 1, 2015

Midnight Reflection

For next semester (or in life in general), I need to try to slow down, stop, and reflect. Basically, stop and smell the roses. And also, to set my priorities straight. I'm so scared that I might get my first B (or maybe more) in one of my classes because I kinda of slacked off at mid semester. I even forget what was going on at that time but now I regret it that I didn't study harder. I should've known my limit and what are my priorities. I also have another note to myself that I cannot have and want everything. It's better to stay focus and be (almost) the best on few things, rather than doing a lot of things and just be average. So, lessons learned heheh..

Btw I'm so into jeans that are folded at the end so I decided to buy a pair...and I didn't regret it ever since :D
And also, check out these watches from Zalora (click HERE) if you're wanting to buy one...maybe I need to buy myself one as well so I can stop checking my phone to see what time it is. ;p

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