Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My 19th Birthday!

I had an awesome birthday today which was so surprising and made me soo happy and grateful!

On May 25th:
  • worked from 11 AM - 7 PM
  • went to Starbucks to get my birthday's reward earlier than I should because why the heck not
  • met Jenna and Brad at Starbucks so we talked about random stuff until 9:30 PM

On May 26th (my birthday!) :
  • some of my Indonesian friends congratulated me based on Eastern Daylight Time after midnight! :)
  • went to sleep at 3 AM and woke up at 7:30 AM
  • replied all birthday wishes on my social media throughout the day
  • went to my high school to give a bouquet to Mrs. Gels and muffins to Mr. Campbell (because both of them are my favorite teachers)
  • had a lunch with my family and Mary Kohlman at Logan's Roadhouse
  • Tante Ayu cut my bangs and I'm loving it because I look so different like Cleopatra
  • saw a rainbow when I arrived at my apartment. I'm going to take this as a good sign because a rainbow on a birthday can mean a good luck, right? :)
  • went home and watched 2 episodes of the Amazing Race and an episode of How I Met Your Mother
I had so many things to be grateful of today! And I really couldn't mention one by one because there are lots of them so I'm just going to mention 5 things that made me so happy:
  1. I hosted a fundraising page (click HERE) and was so happy that some people donated! I got so excited because it means a lot to me that they support those children to deserve an access to quality education!
  2. I felt that everyone that I met and chatted with were so happy. Happiness is contagious!
  3. My mom gave me two cool gifts (scrapbook-y frame & normal frame with my pictures in it) and my brother gave me cool gifts too (postcards, tumbler, and a travel-related wall art). Plus, this illustration under that my elementary best friend, Marcia, gave me. :)
  4. people who congratulated me are so sweet that I just want to hug them all! A lot of people send me birthday wishes through face-to-face, text, facebook, line, whatsapp, BBM, and instagram. Dan called me after his exam was over. My dad emailed me. A stranger who I met at the bus last week already congratulated me hahah! Few strangers that I met at somewhere I forgot. Some of my coworkers who congratulated me yesterday.
  5. every birthday wishes!
And soooo many more! Basically, I'm going to think that I have my birthday for the whole week so I'm going to treat everyday like my birthday now* heheh! :)
*this is why late birthday wishes or gifts are very acceptable. Especially to those who still considering to donate on THIS page to support quality education access in developing countries, I will appreciate the donations a lot!

Thank you every one! :)

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