Wednesday, May 13, 2015

R.I.P Baby Bird

I'm so so so sad today. Remember the baby bird that I found on Mother's Day on THIS post?

So on Sunday, I found the baby bird and decided to keep the bird for a night.

On Monday, I tried to google to find out what should I do with the baby bird. It said online that it would be best if I leave them alone especially if they're healthy, so they can learn how to survive and their mama can find them when it needs to be. 

And I tried to think it over and over again if it's the best decision. Because I'm afraid that this baby bird is abandoned by the mother. I tried to leave the baby bird outside by the bushes for around an hour and then I came out to check on the bird, and it turned out that the bird was still there. I thought the bird would be taken by the mother already to the nest or some sort. So I tried to leave the baby bird for another hour. Because it said on the article, it would be the best to leave the bird for around 2 hours and see what happens next and go from here. But it turned out, the bird was still there.

I took the baby bird in and tried to feed him/her with soft cat food. And it worked. It was the cutest thing ever when the bird tried to open his/her mouth so wide because he/she was so hungry. Then, I kind of grew my love on this bird even though this bird poop on my hand.

After that, I went to work and when I came back from work, it turned out that my mom let the bird go. Because she said, she read the article as well and she thought it would be the best if we let the baby bird go. So I was fine with it and little worried because I was scared that the baby bird couldn't handle the cold at that night.
On Tuesday afternoon, I went out to the car and on my way there, I tried to see if the baby bird was still there. And the baby bird wasn't there. I thought, "good, maybe the bird is somewhere safe right now with the mother."

On Wednesday evening, which is today, I was on my way walking to the car and I still tried to look out on the ground to see if the bird was there or not. And the bird was there. But the bird was dead.... :'( I was so upset, I wanted to cry at the car.. 

I felt like I could've done something better at that night... Because I just had an uneasy feeling at that night... 

And until now, I still could picture it in my head, the clear picture of the died baby bird...I really wish his/her soul would be in peace right now, which I'm sure it would...

Rest in peace, baby bird.. :"(

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