Saturday, May 9, 2015

Two Weirdos Together

I almost cried because I thought I accidentally deleted our pictures and it turns out all photos are still in my hard-disk. Fiuh. Maybe I should buy a new hard disk because I've been using this hard disk for more than 5 years now..

Btw, I miss Dan so much until I just wanna be mad at him hehehehe.. I'm weird. I just need to see him or at least set a time goal when we can meet each other, maybe that will make me feel better *LDR probs*  *sigh*.
Because I'm bored, I'm going to list the nicest things that Dan ever done or said to me that I luvvvv heheheh:
  1. I remember when I was hungry, he cooked me fried rice and his mom cooked me soy sauce chicken. It tasted very good (maybe because Dan made it with love hahahahha *oh gosh). I'm just really glad that he understands that I don't really cook, so he doesn't mind to cook for me hehehhe..
  2. Every time I was hungry and I was in his house, he ordered the same food that I like to eat. The food was rice with soy sauce chicken.
  3. He lets me be who I wanna be. And I think that's a rare quality of men. Because I'm the kind of person who believe that women can be independent and are strong. And he believes that. In fact, unlike most insecure guys, he's okay with me working a part-time job. He doesn't want to downgrade me because he believes that we're equal. :)
  4. He cares. He reminds me to eat healthy all the time and not to eat a lot of sweets.
  5. He made feel so special like martabak special. ;p Like one time, I told him that I'd been wanting to be given a ride with a motorcycle that his brother owns. So he asked his brother's permission and rode that motorcycle when we went to our dates hehehehe. There's just something about motorcycle and vespa that I really, really love. And guys who ride motorcycle are always a plus for me. :))
  6. He gave me a foot massage until I fell asleep.
  7. He loves to sing with me even though I can't sing ;p in fact, every time we sing a song, we always end up laughing for no reasons.
  8. He told me I look beautiful even though I just cried in front of him. Or when I sent him my selfie after I woke up.
  9. He checks on me regularly and wants to know how my days went.
  10. He always make me proud for whatever he does. And I will be always his biggest fangirl.

I've been looking at our pictures again that we took with PartyParty app and you know what I think? I think Dan and I are on crack or something. Because we always laugh in most of the, I don't even remember what was so funny. Even this picture above shows that I laughed. And I still don't remember why I laughed on that picture above. Oh gosh, we're weird.

Uhm you know what, I think I'm just gonna head back to sleep now....I miss him so much and I just wish we're together physically soon.

And oh my gosh, I'm so hungry I think I can eat an elephant alive. Uh, bye.

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