Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend Report

On Friday: I spent my morning practicing Spanish conversation with my profesora at Starbucks. And it surprised me that I actually can talk about who I am, Indonesia's food - culture - politics, my hobbies, majors, what I wanna do, schools, and all that such in Spanish. Even though I'm pretty sure I spoke like a five-year old but (a lot of) practice makes perfect, right? :)

On Saturday: Spent my afternoon-night hanging out with tante Ayu. She taught me how to use makeup as well hehehehe. Then I bought a dress (again) and basic make-up stuff hahahaha I feel so girly.

And also, my Bando agenda just arrived!!!! :)

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On Sunday: I finally eat ice cream out of the box because it wasn't that much. Had a good day at work and when I got off, it was still daylight which was really nice to see that. After work, I went to the park so I could relax and wrote things I would possibly do in the future. Then, I went back to my apartment and watched the Amazing Race. Every time I watch that show, I always feel I want to do it someday in the future. Oh and on my way back to apartment, I saw this when I arrived: 

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