Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pescatarian For a Month? Checked!

Oh my gosh!! I haven't written anything in here since my birthday which is a month ago! That's odd for me since I love to occasionally write a journal for fun. Last month, something personal happened to me which made me to step out from the world wide web for a little bit. So, I decided to have a blogging and Instagram break. I also changed my phone because I notice I'm addicted using my smartphone which is not okay. Now I'm using a regular Nokia phone instead of iPhone. I still can use iPhone if there's wifi but I barely touch it unless I'm home or I need it to call people back in Indonesia. 

I will share my stories that happened after my birthday later because I'm all that towards documentation. But right now, I need to pack for my Chicago trip. I will be going to Chicago to attend a conference with my organization from Tuesday - Sunday. I'm really hoping that I will learn more things there from the workshops and also to enjoy Chicago with PBL. So, hope that all goes well. :)

This is a picture of me and my mom before I went to Texas 2 weeks ago (more stories about Texas later).

Oh and I'm proudly to say that my accomplishment of the month is...I become a pescatarian for a month!!!! :) a pescatarian is someone who abstains from eating meat and poultry but not fish. Can you imagine pizza-lover like me can survive not eating meat for a month? This girl deserves a round of applause hahahah.

But honestly, I don't know if I will still be a pescatarian because of my Chicago trip. I mean, Chicago has one of the best pizza I've ever hu.

And right now, I have to pack since I will be leaving at 9:15 AM from my apartment to NKU.

P.S: say hi to me on my twitter because I've been using twitter again lately! :)

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