Monday, July 6, 2015

Soccer & Inspiration

I just watched the women's world cup couple hours ago and it was the best and the most exciting soccer tournament I've ever watched so far. Team USA defeated Japan with score 5 - 2. Another cool thing is, USA scored 4 goals in 15 minutes (!!!!). Lloyd's (USA) third goal was literally scored from the midline of the field. Solo, the goal-keeper, was so good to be true and she won the "Golden Glove" award because how good she is as a goalie. And other good things that happened on the tournament that are worthy to be mentioned.

Watching them played is inspiring. Not just because they've won the world cup, but also because they have proved to the world once again that women can do it.

Watch this video below if you want to feel inspired like I was. :)

Favorite quote:
"My philosophy in life is that happiness is meant to be shared. We all have dreams. If you’re out there and if you have a dream and you want something sooo bad, you gotta risk everything. You gotta risk being completely devastated when you don’t achieve it. And when you fall down, you gotta get back up. And so, that's what it means. That’s what this is. That’s who we are." — Abby Wambach 


ovi siregar said...

Hi there! Haha..baru comment2an lagi nih kita. Btw, nice template blog. Jadi tampak lebih profesional, hehe. Btw, gimana sih caranya kalau mau buat menu yang Home, About me dan Contact kaya punya kamu dipaling atas?

Belum ngutak-ngatik lagi soalnya nih, huhu..

Have a nice day :)

Mary Andrikus said...

@Ovi: Iyah, akhirnya balik juga ini hahahaha. Thank you for the compliment! :) Kalo itu dari pages nyaa. Kan ada bagian tab dari: overview, posts, pages, comments, template, layout, dll. Nah kalo yang Home, About me, etc nya bikin new page aja trus tulis deh content nya hehehe

ovi siregar said...

Baiklaaaahh nanti aku coba. Btw, how's your study there? :)