Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy 70th Independence Day, Indonesia!

Oh my gosh it's been 70 years already! I always love Indonesia, a beautiful country with exquisite natural resources plus the people's sense of humor that makes me always want to go back! *heart emoji*

I'm so grateful that Indonesia has been part of my life and my childhood. I met amazing people there that I can't imagine my life without them. I met my best friends of life who are always there for me. I also met an amazing guy that gives me butterfly and cracks me up but drives me crazy as well. I met so many good friends that still keep in touch with me. And honestly, I won't be as a good student as I was in high school and (hopefully) as I am in college if I never been to school in Indonesia. 

Anyway, today is my first day of college and I wear this outfit because why not. So happy the 70th birthday again, Indonesia, and hopefully I can visit there anytime soon!

P.S: Greda actually gave me the shirt long time ago and I still wear it occasionally. :)

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Christy M said...

Cute skirt!<3
I love your blog dear, you have a new follower ;)