Sunday, August 23, 2015

Highlight of the Week

I had been so busy this week, trying to adjust my new schedule of college and work so I really tried my best to be positive and energetic even though I was overwhelmed. When I worked yesterday on Saturday, I kept getting called to do a lot of things in different kind of departments because I basically already know how to do every departments in the store (except backroom and cash office). My coordinators & managers already get used to tell me what to do and they always say "thank you" at the end, but I still feel under-appreciated with everything and everyone. But yesterday, after I put my radio and its earpiece to their place and was getting ready to clock out and leave, my coordinator said this to me,
"Mary, you went above and beyond, you did everything that you could. And you didn't get snarky about it when most people usually did when they get told what to do. So thank you very much and I really appreciate what you did."

And honestly, this is the best compliment I've received so far from my coworkers. It feels so good to be appreciated. You have no idea how under-appreciated retail workers are until you become one.

Then today when I was doing recovery on shoes department, I asked a customer who was next to me, "Hi, how are you?" and she responded that she was good and she left. But then, she came back again and said,

Her: "You are a very pleasant worker. This is the first time I got asked that question today, so thank you. What's your name?"
Me: "Mary."
Her: "I'll make sure I let your managers know about this."

Gaahh.. :")

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