Friday, September 25, 2015

Be Like a Bee

Because my service fraternity's, APO, meeting theme is pajamas day so I decided to wear my favorite polkadot PJs! :) it surprised me how do I manage to be energetic on early morning (like in a 9:25 AM class), and late night (like in a 9-11 PM meeting). 
Anyway this is how I dressed up for the theme's meeting! 

APO also wrote lots of encouraging notes to be hung up around the campus and this is what Rowan and I wrote. These notes are called the "emoji" encouraging notes. I was the one who initiated the idea to draw a bee and then draw another emoji on it.
This one under is all the encouraging notes that my row did (Megan, Rowan, Christine, Michelle, and me). 

P.S: I went to Career Connection Fair today and it was nerve-wrecking to me. I almost didn't go because I was nervous. But I decided to go anyway and I was glad that I did because I overcame my fear. 

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Key Kayana said...

Ekspressf banget mukanya.. :D