Saturday, September 12, 2015

Inspired to Inspire

I need to admit that I come to a stage when I don't know what to post on my blog. I already wrote two posts but I decided not to post them because they were too 'messy'.

So to make myself feel better of not posting those other two posts, I'm just going to write a quick post by listing 2 events that keep me inspired this week:

  • I went to a guest speaker's event at NKU to see Nick Nichols and listen to Kathy Moran's inspiring talks today. Nick Nichols is an extraordinary photographer and Kathy Moran is an exceptional editor for National Geographic magazine. This event is so worth it, even though it made me late for my meeting, because there's no way I lost the opportunity to be inspired by amazing people like these two.

  • Went to another guest speaker's event yesterday (ehem, dork alert) and felt inspired by Jullien Gordon. He gave me a new perspective of what-so-called real world and talked about how to get other 4.0 in college. What he meant by "other" 4.0 is not about GPA, but he meant to say how to develop our personal capital, intellectual capital, social capital, and financial capital in order for us to succeed in life. Plus, he gave the students a free book: 101 Things to Do Before You Graduate. Definitely will do those 101 things before I graduate because I'm a dork like that. :)))

Another point about someone who inspired me in my daily life:

  • I realized how much happy I am because I'm surrounded by amazing and inspiring people. I have so many goals that exist because I was inspired by them. One of the people who inspired me the most is Dan. From the beginning when we start dating, he believed in myself when I didn't even know I was capable of doing the things that he believed in me. I define a good leader as someone who empowers other people and he definitely empowers me significantly.

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