Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kitty Cat

So tonight, instead of doing my two papers, I'd been chatting about iPhone 6s, tigers, and cats to my mom and my brother. Wow, I get so much things done tonight (lol). :)))

I told my mom and my bro to watch this video because I thought this video was too funny when I watched it yesterday at the Discover Series' event in NKU. This video is about when Nick Nichols wanted to take a picture of a tiger in a swamp, but it was hard to do so (obviously). Then, he set up a lot of cameras at different angles in the swamp, hoping that a tiger would come in. He thought that he didn't get the pictures because he didn't see any tiger yet for few days, until this one tiger gave him a hope. So, here is the "behind-the-scene" of how he got the picture:

I also bought this cat ears for halloween! I'm thinking to dress up as a cat or Minnie Mouse for halloween this year (it's not even October yet...I can be well-prepared, ya know). This is random but somehow this cat ears reminded me of this:

Anywayyy, here are my pictures with my baby girl. She looks so grumpy but I know she loves me so mucho.
^ Actually, no, she hates me ^
^ She seriously wanted to get away from me. Ok, the conclusion is, my cat hates me sometimesonly when I did this kind of thing to her. ^

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